GKX High-Pressure Self-Priming Pump

Short Description:

GKX series high-pressure self-priming pump is a small water supply system, which is suitable for domestic water intake, well water lifting, pipeline pressurization, garden watering, vegetable greenhouse watering and breeding industry. It is also suitable for water supply in rural areas, aquaculture, gardens, hotels, canteens and high-rise buildings.

Product Detail

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Rated flow
Rated head
Suction head
Pipe size
GKX200A 200 220/50 2 33 25 17 12 8 25
GKX300A 300 220/50 2.5 33 30 17 13.5 8 25
GKX400A 400 220/50 2.7 33 35 17 15 8 25
GKX600A 600 220/50 4.2 50 40 25 22 8 25
GKX800A 800 220/50 5.2 50 45 25 28 8 25
GKX1100A 1100 220/50 8 100 50 42 30 8 40
GKX1500A 1500 220/50 10 108 55 50 35 8 40

GKX series of pumps have automatic function, that is, when the tap is turned on, the pump will start automatically; when the tap is turned off, the pump will stop automatically. If it is used with the water tower, the upper limit switch can automatically work or stop with the water level in the water tower. GKX is with streamline product design, novel and generous, in line with the use of various occasions.



1.New flow channel structure;
2.Low noise;
3.Reduce the pump temperature rise;
4.New design of pump control circuit board;
5.Improved stability;

Description of indicator light:

1. Water flow indicator: on: water flow detected, off: no water flow detected
2. Pressure indicator: on: no pressure detected, off: pressure detected
3. Power indicator: flashing: in forced shutdown state, normally on: in normal state
4. Water shortage indicator: flashing: water shortage, off: no water shortage
5. Induction indicator: on: water flow switch fault off: normal state
6. Card indicator: on: rust removal, off: normal state, flashing: forced start / close
7. Timing indicator: set timing time


Using instructions:
1. After power on, delay 3 seconds, start the motor for 6 seconds, and enter the dual control operation mode
2. In the dual control mode, press the timing button for 5S to enter the timing mode, and the timing indicator light is on to indicate the timing time.
3. In the timing mode, press the timing button briefly to switch the timing time.
4. In the timing mode, press the automatic switch button for 5S to re-enter the dual control operation mode.
5.In the timing mode / dual control mode, press the automatic switch button and click start or stop.

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