Ten characteristics of self-priming pump

GK Smart Automatic Pressure Booster Pump are generally used for pressurized water delivery in high-rise buildings, and can also transport sewage containing particulate fibers. At the same time, it is also suitable for the discharge of seriously polluted wastewater from factories and businesses, sewage discharge stations in residential areas, water distribution systems of urban sewage treatment plants, drainage stations of civil air defense systems, water supply equipment of waterworks, sewage discharge of hospitals and hotels, municipal engineering construction sites, Mine supporting machines, rural biogas digesters, farmland irrigation and other industries, conveying granular sewage and dirt, can also be used for clean water and weakly corrosive media. Without further ado, let’s take you to the top ten features of Chuangsheng’s corrosion-resistant horizontal self-priming pump:


1. The double-blade impeller structure is adopted, which greatly improves the passage capacity of dirt.

2. The mechanical seal adopts a new type of grinding pair, and runs in the oil chamber for a long time;

3. The overall structure is compact, the volume is small, the noise is low, the energy saving effect is remarkable, the maintenance is convenient, and the user is convenient to replace;

4. The automatic control cabinet can automatically control the overrun and stop of the pump according to the required liquid level change, without the need for special personnel, and it is extremely convenient to use;

5. The installation method can be equipped according to the user’s needs, which brings great convenience to installation and maintenance, and people do not need to do this and enter the sump;

6. It can be used within the design range without overloading the motor;

7. The large flow channel is designed with anti-clogging hydraulic components, which greatly improves the ability of dirt to pass through, and can effectively pass through 5 times the fibrous material of the pump diameter and solid particles with a diameter of about 50% of the pump diameter.

8. The pump design is reasonable, the matching motor is reasonable, the efficiency is high, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.

9. The mechanical seal adopts double end face seals in series, and the material is hard corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide, which has the characteristics of durability and wear resistance, which can make the pump run safely and continuously;

10. Compact structure, small size, easy to move, easy to install, no need to build a pump room, can work by diving into the water, greatly reducing the project cost.

Post time: Jul-05-2022