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Who We Are

ZHEJIANG GOOKING PUMP TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is located in Luqiao district, Taizhou city. We have been committed to surface pumps, especially the automatic pressure booster pump’s research and development. Our GJ series and WZB series are hot sales in domestic and abroad.
Smart automatic pumps have been quite popular in South-east Asia. GOOKING products have been sold well in South-east Asia and Middle-east area. With the listing of GJS series, we are going to develop the European market.

Professional Services

Quality, Technology, Manufacturing capabilities are our company’s outstanding strengths. Quality has always been the basis of customers’ trust in us. For the pump surface treatment, we applied advanced powder coating. Thanks to the powder coating technique, GOOKING pumps look more shining than other normal pumps by painting.With the core competitiveness of “pursuing technological innovation, manufacturing quality products, and providing professional services”, GOOKING is able to meet customer and market needs. We are capable to create value for customers. GOOKING has been highly recognized and trusted by the majority of users.

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Why Choose Us

GOOKING keeps breaking through various technical problems in the manufacturing and development of pump products and the overall optimization of flow channel system. We know that brand is a product of quality condensation and accumulation. In order to further strengthen the GOOKING brand image, we try to ensure that each product quality and design are in the world’s leading level. We propose three systems, namely, the most demanding suppliers system, the most sophisticated testing equipment and the most stringent quality management system. Customers could trust GOOKING products exceed industry standards at every step from R&D to production.
Better now, Best for the future. GOOKING will continue to move forward with the “innovation, quality, integrity” business philosophy. We sincerely hope to cooperate with friends from all walks of life, and make the common development!

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