Non-automatic Pump

  • QB60 Peripheral Water Pump

    QB60 Peripheral Water Pump

    Power: 0.5HP/370W
    Max.head: 32m
    Inlet/Outlet size: 1inch/25mm
    Wire: Copper
    Power cable: 1.1m
    Impeller: Brass
    Stator: 50mm

  • High Head Self-Priming JET Pump

    High Head Self-Priming JET Pump

    High head self-priming JET pump adopts high-tech anti-rust treatment to ensure that the pump space will never rust, targeted to solve the problems of rust in the water pump. JET pump can be widely used in pumping river water, well water, boiler, textile industry and household water supply, gardens,canteens, bathhouses, hair salons and high buildings.

  • 128W Peripheral Water Pump

    128W Peripheral Water Pump

    When low water pressure gets you down, power it up with our 128W Peripheral Water Pump. Pumping out at a rate of 25L/min with a delivery head of 25m. It is the perfect solution where constant on-demand water pressure is needed at the open and close of any tap. Use it to pump your pool, increase water pressure in your pipes, water your gardens, irrigate, clean and more. This pump is simple to install and easy to use. There is no need of any sophisticated knowledge of pumping.

  • GKN Self-Priming Pressure Booster Pump

    GKN Self-Priming Pressure Booster Pump

    Robust rust-resistant brass impeller
    Cooling system
    High head and steady flow
    Easy installation
    Easy to operate and maintain
    Ideal for pool pumping, increasing the water pressure in the pipe, garden sprinkling, irrigation, cleaning and more.