GK series High-pressure Self-priming Pump

GK series high-pressure self-priming pump is a small water supply system, which is suitable for domestic water intake, well water lifting, pipeline pressurization, garden watering, vegetable greenhouse watering and breeding industry. It is also suitable for water supply in rural areas, aquaculture, gardens, hotels, canteens and high-rise buildings.

The conveying medium is clean, non corrosive liquid without solid particles or fibers, and its pH value is between 6-8.5. This series of pumps have automatic function, that is, when the tap is turned on, the pump will start automatically; when the tap is turned off, the pump will stop automatically. If it is used with the water tower, the upper limit switch can automatically work or stop with the water level in the water tower.

GK series automatic pump use high-tech pressure tank (Diaphragm type air pressure tank) so as to keep the pressure stable and make the pump have longer service time. The diaphragm type air pressure tank is an energy storage device composed of steel shell and rubber diaphragm liner. The rubber diaphragm completely separates the water chamber from the air chamber. When the water with pressure from the outside is filled into the liner of diaphragm type air pressure tank, the air sealed in the tank is compressed. According to Boyle’s gas law, the volume of the gas becomes smaller after being compressed, and the pressure rises to store energy. When the pump chamber is filled with water with pressure, the air sealed in the tank is compressed When the pressure decreases, the compressed gas expands, and the water in the rubber diaphragm can be pressed out of the tank to realize the buffering effect.

Besides, GK series pump has used intelligent PC board, which works as the “brain” of the pump. The water flow sensor and pressure switch are controlled by the PC board to make the pump start-up while using water and to make it shut-down while non using water.
All in all, GK series pump is a good pump for customers to use at home. GK pump make your watering life more comfortable.

Post time: Jan-08-2022