Workshop Rules and Regulations

GOOKING is focused on making self-priming automatic pressure booster pumps. In order to guarantee the quality, GOOKING has made the strict working rules and regulations.
I.Assembling line:
1.Process requirements:
1)Guarantee the quality of each batch, each type of pump. If the surface of the casing and pump body is rough or cracks, these parts resolutely can not be used.
2)The stator and rotor should be in position when pressing.
3)Slot paper, immersion paint shall get clean, and keep the surface of the rotor clean.
4)Enameled wire, casing and rotor should not collide, in case of any fracture or deform.
5)The rotor rotates freely after the whole pump is assembled.

2.Assembling precautions:
1)Parts should be carefully handled during shipment to prevent bumping and falling, especially the enameled wire of the end of the stator and the heat dissipation fin of the motor casing.
2)Defective parts shall not be used, such as motor casing, pump body appearance defects, holes, teeth, etc.,if need to use must be approved by the factory or inspection department, otherwise the parts shall be returned to rework or take scarp processing.
3)Rotor pressing: the intact rotor bearing is placed on the press, and the bearing is evenly pressed to the shoulder position with special tooling (that is, the tooling is just covered on the inner ring of the bearing). When pressing, attention should be paid not to tilt and impact to prevent damage to bearings.
4)Motor assembly: first of all, the pump body is pressed on the workbench, put on the stator, wave washer, and press evenly.
5)Sealing material installation: The qualified pump head will be put in place,check whether there are pores, iron filings, rust, etc.,the unclean must be cleaned.
6)Impeller assembled: For vortex pump impeller installation,it needs to adjust the space between the impeller and the pump head, so that the shaft in rotation is without friction sound.

II.Packaging line:
1)The surface paint should be good, if any falling off, bubbling, uneven can not be applied;
2)The broken fan can not be installed, do not damage the fan when pressing the fan;
3)The grounding wire should be firm, and the nameplate should be put in the right position. Do not use the damaged nameplate.
4)The terminal box shall not be installed askew, and the screws shall be locked tightly and shall not be loosened.
5)The fan cover can not be stacked. There shall be no gap when fan cover is assembled on the pump.
6)When the whole pump is packed, the instruction manual should be put well, and the pump should be properly placed in the box.
7)Spare parts used by each employee should not be scattered everywhere. Spare parts with quality problems should be put in the waste area, and compensation should be made for artificial parts. The unspent spare parts should be put back to the warehouse.
8)Keep the workshop and each station clean. Timely handle sundries in production, and always keep the workshop clean and tidy. Spare parts, packaging carton, finished products must be placed neatly.
All the above rules and regulations have been well followed by every GOOKING worker. We do our best to make every quality pump to serve better watering life for our dear customers.

Post time: Jan-08-2022