GKJ Automatic Self-Priming Pressure Booster Pump

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GKJ Automatic Self-priming Pressure Booster Pump is a small water supply system, which is suitable for domestic water intake, well water lifting, pipeline pressurization, garden watering, vegetable greenhouse watering and breeding industry. It is also suitable for water supply in rural areas, aquaculture, gardens, hotels, canteens and high-rise buildings.

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Model Power
Rated flow
Rated head
Suction head
Pipe size
GKJ200A 200 220/50 2 33 25 17 12 8 25
GKJ300A 300 220/50 2.5 33 30 17 13.5 8 25
GKJ400A 400 220/50 2.7 33 35 17 15 8 25
GKJ600A 600 220/50 4.2 50 40 25 22 8 25
GKJ800A 800 220/50 5.2 50 45 25 28 8 25
GKJ1100A 1100 220/50 8 100 50 42 30 8 40
GKJ1500A 1500 220/50 10 108 55 50 35 8 40

GKJ Automatic Self-priming Pressure Booster Pump have automatic function, that is, when the tap is turned on, the pump will start automatically; when the tap is turned off, the pump will stop automatically. If it is used with the water tower, the upper limit switch can automatically work or stop with the water level in the water tower.




1.Double Intelligent Control
When the pressure control system enters into the protection, GKJ automatic self-priming pressure booster pump will automatically switches to the flow control system to ensure the normal water supply.
2.Micro-computer Control
The water flow sensor and pressure switch are controlled by PC microcomputer chip to make the pump start-up while using water and to make it shut-down while not using water. The other protective functions are also controlled by micro-computer.
3.Water shortage protection
When GKJ Automatic Self-priming Pressure Booster Pump inlet is short of water, the water pump automatically enters into the water shortage protection system in case the pump still works.
4.Overheating protection
The coil of water pump is equipped with overheat protector, which can effectively prevent the motor from being damaged by excessive current or some matters jamming the impeller.
5.Anti-rust protection
When the water pump is not used for a long time, it is forced to start for 10 seconds every 72 hours to prevent rust or scale jamming.
6.Delay start
When the water pump is inserted into the socket, it is delayed to start for 3 seconds, so as to avoid power on immediately and spark in the socket, so as to protect the stability of electronic components.
7.No frequent startup
The use of electronic pressure switch can avoid frequent start-up when the water output is very small, so as to keep the constant pressure and to avoid the water flow suddenly large or small.

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